Red Threads

After getting caught up with my own children’s birth stories, I have decided to change the name of my blog.

A long time ago I read about an ancient Chinese belief. There is an invisible red thread that connects each of us to all of the individuals who have been, currently are, and will in the future be important to us in our lives. This red thread can stretch, twist, and bend… but will never break.

I believe this to not only be beautiful, but true. Talking about, and thinking about all of the lives that are connected to mine, how could I not believe that they are meant to be. That when I was born, Emma and Collin and Alexander where already connected to me. That they were meant to be. More lives, hundreds, maybe even thousands of strands are still connected to me. Strands that I have yet to meet the other end of. But this blog is to document those strings. Those people. Those life changing events.

This isn’t just my story. This is theirs too.


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