Worth the wait

“Hurry up and wait” is not a new concept to me. It was our number one motto in the military. You hurry up and get everything that you can done, but in the end, it’s on someone else’s time. And the waits can be long and excruciating. Then you wake up one morning with all the information you’ve been waiting for, and then some.

Today is one of those days.

After going through interview processes with IPs. Past medical paperwork screenings. Getting my Uterus poked, prodded, photographed and framed. After being mentally evaluated twice. After going over all the craziness that is a contract. After getting an MMR shot and an up to date pap. Running around in circles and much MUCH waiting… today is a big day.

This morning we received my med calender. What does that mean? It means my medications are on their way, it means we had a date that June bug will come to stay in her new temporary home, and we have a estimated due date before she’s even in there! The SUPER amazing parts? June bug will be transferred in JUNE, and she will be due 4 days after her mamas birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY “B”!

“J”, “B”, Curtis and I are ecstatic! It has been a long time coming, and we have made it to the FIRST “home stretch” (there will be many more.. the dreaded 2WW, and of course waiting for June to go home with her mommy and daddy).. but for now, this is a dream come true.

One step closer! Just keep swimming!

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