Looking toward the future: 2016

2016 will be great!

I’m not making any “new years resolutions” this year, no promises to anyone that won’t be kept or will be forgotten in the weeks to come.I made no promises last year, and 2015 was an amazing year in every way for me. I have goals that I’ve continually set for myself over the past year that I plan to keep moving toward.

  • January 19th is Curtis and I’s 10 year anniversary. TEN YEARS! I’ve been putting up with his crap for an entire decade! It’s amazing and astounding but not surprising. Curtis and I have had our bumps, but we aren’t quitters. We promised to put everything into each other, and that’s exactly what we’ve done.
  • In late February or early March, I will be giving birth for the fourth time. Maybe the last time, maybe not, I won’t pretend to know what my future holds. I’ll be surrounded by support and love. And I will hand my little womb mate to parents who have waited years for her. This is what I look most forward to in 2016. And yes, I will have wine ON HAND to celebrate! haha!
  • After June goes home and I’ve had time to recover I’ll be going back to back work full time and working toward a promotion that I desperately want and am dead determined to get. If after a per-determined amount of time it hasn’t happened, I’ll be moving on. Up or out. I’m ready to further my career.
  • For the first time in almost two years I’ll be going to NY in June. I’ll be stopping in NYC to see J&B and little June Bug for the first time since giving birth. And then flying on to CNY to prepare and celebrate my mothers wedding. I’ll be able to see family and friends I haven’t in SO long and I can not wait!
  • Curtis and I have set goals for ourselves when it comes to money, and the future. We are working towards being debt free, and getting our ducks in a row to buy our first home. It may not be in 2016 and we’re okay with that, but the momentum has started so that we can finally find four walls to call home.
  • And last but NOT least, in August… my baby, my youngest child, will be starting school. This is a whole new chapter in the Kimball home. All three of our children will be in school all day. No more lazy baby days. No more snuggles in the middle of the afternoon. And on our days off, the house will be quiet and empty. I’m so conflicted about this! I’m happy to not have tiny babies in the house anymore, but where has the time gone!?

So no, no resolutions, no promises or goals. Just life. My life, our life moving forward. I look forward to seeing how our plans pan out, and to see what life has to throw at us this next year. So here’s to 2016! May it bring all my dear friends and family abundance in love, health and wealth. May you be able to look back at 2016 with the same awe that I now look back at 2015 with.

Happy New Year.

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