Saying good-bye to 2015

Every year for as long as I can remember I have written a blog post saying good-bye and looking back at the past year on NYE. This year is no different.

2015 is a year that I will never, ever forget.

I brought in the year working, working more than I have in my entire life. Busting my fucking ass.

A few weeks into the new year I was sent B&Js profile. I read through it and found similarities that I was sure I wouldn’t find with anyone else. At this point, they had already said they liked my profile. When I opened their pictures, I fell in love. I knew, I am going to have these peoples baby. Crazy right?


I met them in March and my dreams of a baby called June Bug were validated when they told me they wanted a little girl, and her name would be June Belle. Destiny.

In March I also decided that I needed to step away from work a bit, and eventually I decided it was best for me to go part time. A career choice that scared me, but looking back, the best thing I could have done. During this crazy time, I decided it was time for a personal, physical change… which obviously means chopping off 3 feet of hair!


The next three months were full of trials in both my personal life, work life, and the surrogacy. Set backs, paperwork problems, needing extra vaccinations. It felt like it would never end.

June 17th, in Austin Texas, we transferred one perfect girl embryo, hoping she would make a temporary home with me. I took SO many pregnancy tests! SO MANY! Every day it got a little darker, and I got a little more tired. Every day is got a little darker, and I couldn’t tell J&B! They had sworn me to secrecy until BETA (blood draw) day! On June 29th, almost 2 full weeks after transfer, I finally got to call J&B, and tell them myself that they were going to be parents!

Cue morning sickness. Cue intense pain due to hormones. Crippling, can’t get out of pain, literally in tears pain. Maybe the worst pain I have ever been in. I pushed through. I complained of course, it’s human nature. But I still took that damn shot, every, single, day.


After a scare where I started bleeding at work, and ended up in the ER, we finally got our first sonogram. SURPRISE! IT’S TWINS!!! shock.

We were pregnant with twins for another three weeks, all of which we were told conflicting things. It will survive, it wont survive, it’s not viable, oh look a heart beat. By our 10 weeks appointment, it was just June Bug.

I took the entire month of July off of work, between the emotional ups and downs and the physical pain, I needed rest.

When I went back to work, I was back in full swing. And the rest of the year has been spent putting all my effort into work, and taking care of myself/June.

Not a whole lot going on with my kiddos. Of course they are growing everyday. We have good days and bad days. Emma is determined to be a scientist, Collin still wants to be batman and Lex wants to be a rock star. Emma and Collin excel in school in most (if not all) areas. Both of their teachers are constantly bragging about them and they are both up for the gifted program.


I am saying good-bye to 2015 with a kiss on the cheek and my sparkling juice raised in the air. It’s been a good year, no, it’s been a great year. And I have a very good feeling, that 2016 will be even better.

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